William Haynes

Torture Connection: 
The Enabler
  • Born 1958, Waco, Texas.
  • Graduated from Davidson College, Harvard Law School.
  • Partner with law firm Jenner & Block, associate counsel with General Dynamics Corp.
  • Staff counsel for Defense Department when Cheney was secretary; Haynes's immediate supervisor was David Addington
  • General Counsel for Rumsfeld's Defense Dept., 2001-2008 (Addington's old job)
  • Left government in February 2008 to become Chief Corporate Counsel for Chevron

William Haynes turns White House theories into military realities

As protogee to David Addington and racquetball partner to John Yoo, William Haynes was trusted by the men with the ideas and clout to expand executive power and redirect anti-terrorism policies to the dark side. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld relied on him to install within the military establishment the policies devised by the self-proclaimed "war council" in the White House and Department of Justice. Haynes assigned and carefully routed memos authorizing extreme interrogation techniques, keeping critics out of the loop and outmaneuvering or overuling the military's judge advocate corps. He was extensively involved in many of the Bush administration's most noxious issues, including the military commissions and extreme interrogations.